Good evening all! We will be closing early on Tuesday so get your orders in by 6pm please. There will be no exceptions as we have a plane to catch for the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Thank you for supporting our endeavors and all the positive comments! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Antonio's Real New York Pizza

Great time at Pizza Rock Las Vegas!! Met a really nice couple from Puerto Rico that are on the journey to become pizzaioli! That’s Miguel on the right. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Antonio's Real New York Pizza

Three years ago next week, I made the decision to go to the International Pizza Expo and it absolutely changed the course of my life and the place you know as Antonio's today. In the first photo below, I am on stage learning from the preeminent Pizzaiolo in the USA, Tony Gemignani of Tony's Pizza Napoletana. What I didn't know is how important this decision would be and how he has become a mentor to me asking only that I pay it forward and teach others. His motto is: "Respect the Craft". When asked by the Pizza Expo for the names of some up-and-coming Pizzeria owners who could come teach and demonstrate something that would help other pizzeria owners, Tony threw my name in the ring. The magnitude of this honorable mention is indescribable. The idea that I would be chosen- a long shot.

Well, next week, I will take the stage at the International Pizza Expo, to demonstrate the Hell's Kitchen pizza! As you know it's an outrageous combination of 4 different pizzas that weighs 12lbs! In addition, I will debut "The Colors of Italy" pizza for I've never seen anything like it. The purpose of my demonstration is to give other pizzeria owners ideas of how to make an unusual combination that has high impact and unmatched taste. It's the ultimate honor to be able to stand in front of my peers and offer ideas to help their pizzerias grow as it's the basis of why I attended in the first place! The Pizza Expo in Las Vegas sees something absurd like 10,000 pizzeria owners and employees from all over the world. www.pizzaexpo.com Pizza Expo is their website if anyone would like to know more. We will be closed Wednesday and Thursday of next week, the 21st and 22nd of March. Stay tuned for updates!
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We make one hell of team! There is no such thing as coincidence. ... See MoreSee Less

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Antonio's Real New York Pizza

Hard working ovens are a thing of beauty! ... See MoreSee Less

Open For Business!

Well, what has always been a dream is now a reality! We were cleared to open back in mid-November but took our time getting the word out. There are so many facets when opening a new restaurant – especially in a remote location like Estes Park, CO – that one must really get their proverbial ducks in order before setting out the shingle. Through word of mouth and some select Facebook ads, we managed to get in enough folks to test the processes, refine what we thought were good ways to go about certain tasks and above all, learn how a wood burning, brick oven of this magnitude operates. That has been the most fun of the initial month open.

massive potential

The beautiful fire you see above is very finicky. Just when you believe you understand it, there was something you didn’t know and of course it bites you. In a traditional oven, you have plenty of time before things burn. In this oven, I could burn your pizza in 20 seconds or less. No exaggeration at all. We’ve had a pizza out of here in two minutes and change. That’s an awful lot of cooking in a short time and you best believe it will make a fool of you quickly.

Enough of the technical aspects, onto the food. We started with big ideas of many products and quickly learned that pizza in several varieties- Sicilian, NY Round and Margherita was more than enough to start with.