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Wood Fired Pizza

What is a wood-fired pizza? The photo above is exactly what we mean. Wood burns in the oven adjacent to the pizza. Over time, the direct heat raises the floor and ceiling temperature until it reaches the sweet spot of 750+/-. When the bricks on the floor reach temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking times are less than 3 minutes. There are always caveats. Too much flame and the crust burns near instantly; too much heat from a concentrated area- pizza cooks too fast on one side while being too soft on the far side(the furthest fromthe fire) to even move.


Crispy Sicilian Pie

Using a wood burning oven is far harder than a deck or convection. The operator needs to understand the relationship between fire’s effects on the pizza, ambient temperature, floor temperature, timing, how to properly use a peel to place the raw pizza, then how to use a separate peel to turn and move the cooking pizza, etc. It’s not to be taken lightly. One wrong move and you have a pizza with a hole in it that takes out part of the floor rendering it useless until cleaned up and super-heated with coals to bake off the material which used to be part of the pizza.