New Triple Deck PizzaMaster Oven is IN!

PizzaMaster 943 Installation & Bakers Pride Y602-BL Removal

One of the most exciting events for a restaurant owner is adding a piece of equipment that makes you more efficient, makes a better product or increases output. This PizzaMaster Oven does all 3! I first spied this oven in 2015 at the Pizza Expo when we just opened and didn’t know our ass from our proverbial elbows. 3 years later, the oven is in our store, and, in an amazing turn of events, I will be doing a menu demonstration at the 2018 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas on 3-22-18! Hard work, dedication and incremental improvement is the root of success.

Why would we upgrade from a Bakers Pride to this PizzaMaster Oven? In short, technological advancements. It’s the same reason you no longer have a startac flip-phone!  To begin, it has adjustable heat for the top and bottom of each deck, so you can change the intensity of your heat and where it’s applied to the pizza on a per-deck basis. Each deck has multiple zones of top heat so the area by the door has a higher intensity element to compensate for the opening and closing of the glass doors. IT HAS GLASS DOORS! You don’t have to open the door to look and let all that heat out. The result is faster bake times. The PizzaMaster 943 has 3 decks with a total capacity of 24 LARGE PIES! By large, we actually mean 18″ large pies. Imagine being able to put 24 of them in at one time! This oven can reach temperatures that most ovens couldn’t dream of and many people cannot use. Our wood-fired, brick-oven has taught me so much about how heat can be used to create different pies. The stones in this oven are precision ground to promote convection and air movement under the pizza. The technology is off-the-chart and will bring us to the next level.

Installing the PizzaMaster oven was no easy feat. Tons of planning went into having every tool and piece of equipment necessary, having the right people on-hand and electricians who are true masters of their craft. In order to do this upgrade, we had to pay for an additional electric transformer on the telephone pole by Estes Park Light and Power, we had to upgrade our electrical service to accommodate this beauty and wait over 3 months for it to be built in Sweden, then transported via container ship. Patience is a virtue! Invest in a better product at every opportunity.

That’s a mighty big box!
One of my favorite places is in the drivers seat of this beast.
Ok, it’s off the truck. Time to remove the old oven!
What a job it was getting the Bakers Pride out of the building. We had to turn them on their sides to get them out. Each of these pieces weighs 1300lbs or so.
Would you look at the size of this thing!! How are we going to get that in the building?? See the blue cross bar on top of the oven? I made that piece to balance the load. It’s a lot of fun trying to solve a puzzle like this.
A 2200lb capacity pallet jack that lifts to 30″ was key to our success. You can buy these at Harbor Freight.
That yellow boom sticking off the front of our skid steer is priceless. It helped us maneuver the oven right through the side of the building!
You can see by my smile just how enjoyable a moment this was.
Holy cow!
Some additional perspective!
Almost in!!!
This oven was in place and operational within 30 minutes of trying to get it in the building!
In place and on!
Within 2 hours we were cooking pies! Big thanks to Christer Andersson of PizzaMaster for producing such an awesome piece of equipment; Mark Hipskind of MPM Equipment, Michael Fairholm of Artisan Pizza Solutions and Tony Gemignani for connecting me with them all! Our crew absolutely executed flawlessly and we did the removal and installation in only a few hours.
This oven has a max temp of 932 degrees! Thats right, 932 degrees.
Specially constructed stones have a knurled pattern which promotes convection and they offer very high thermal transfer rates.

Year 3: Harnessing Growth & Opening Location 2.

During the early months of 2017, we experienced growth that looked unsustainable because it was the low season. Turns out it was foreshadowing of the season to come. What were we going to do if it continued? We need a bigger boat and more staff and and and… But first, we had big plans for the building itself. We had an entire wall of windows installed along the river, which, when open, allow both a breeze and the sound of rapids to share your table. These windows combined with new booths that came in a month later made a tremendous impact. Most people who walked in the door said “whoooa, what has changed here?”

What a difference a wall of windows made!

These changes weren’t the biggest thing up our sleeve we had another location in the works and not just a location, a drive-thru pizzeria. WHAT? What the hell is a drive-thru pizzeria? Is there even such a thing? Then the questions came: do you prepare the pizza at the other store? How can you cook a pizza in two minutes? What’s the phone number? How dow we order? All preparation is done in the main store, then sent over fresh every day to the drive-thru. The pizza is made to order, stretched by hand, then cooked, when you are speaking it over the speakerbox. But wait, there are slices too? Yes! You can have slice of pizza to go that is ready in 40 seconds? How? Research and development! That’s how! The risk was off-the-chart and meant we would have to send some of our best people to run it and take them away from the main store. So much research went into this concept, to open it with zero advance fanfare only compounded the risk. No Mayor ribbon cutting, no “COMING SOON”, no ads in the paper, menu guide, no flyers, NOTHING. At 1 am on June 1st, I put the sign up alone, in the dark just as I had with SummitView’s coffee sign. “What a surprise these people would have in the morning”, I thought. It was a powerful moment for we began selling pizza out of that location when it was SummitView Coffee, a coffee shop that I built in 2012. The idea that in 5 years – almost to the day – we went from coffee, to a pizzeria on Elkhorn, closing the drive-thru to focus on perfecting pizza, to re-opening the drive-thru as a second location was an overwhelming realization. I sat out front of the store after putting the signs up and smiled, thanking all those who had believed in and supported these crazy ideas.

Full drive-thru is a great proof of concept. 10 cars without the second window open!

The drive-thru was an instant hit and grew to double my initial goal- in 60 days. Meanwhile, the main store was reaching critical mass, driving up wait times by the beginning of July. Being in unfamiliar territory, I reached out to 12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani who has 17 stores and could run two in his sleep. He said, “get out here and bring a list of your bottlenecks”. Off to San Francisco with my wife and daughter to see the oracle and what a trip it was. Prior to meeting with Tony, we went to Boudin’s, the oldest continuously run bakery in the USA, only to meet one of the owners who discussed bread making with me at length sharing insights that helped us improve our dough.

“If you seek, you shall find” was running through my mind. Meeting with Tony again was very different than taking his courses at the Pizza Expo. He asked questions that cut right to the chase, helped me see that we needed more oven temp, perhaps a bigger oven, more expediting area and stronger staff. After getting back and reconfiguring the entire kitchen the very next day, we reduced average wait times by 20 minutes and had our best day ever.

Tony Gemignani and I in March 2015. Taking his class was a pivotal moment in my life and definitely changed the trajectory of our pizza. Seek out the best you can find and learn from them!

What I must explain at this point, is that it was not all unicorns and puppy dogs, there was turmoil, turnover, trials that tested us all and shook some of the folks who couldn’t make the cut, off the proverbial tree. It also caused people to rise to new levels and take ownership at a level not previously seen. Our core staff absolutely rocked! We have two husband and wife teams and 6 New Yorkers including my daughter. We have worked very hard at creating a family atmosphere and just like family, it’s not always smooth. We are, after-all, human. One of the young men still with us started at age 14 and is now graduating high school. To see him grow and become a man right in front of our eyes was such a blessing. Being able to go off and learn would not be possible with out managers who have my absolute trust and admiration. I do not think twice when they are in charge. Nurture your staff and they will grow. To this end, we sit down with staff every night and have dinner together. Many business owners treat their staff like lepers who shouldn’t be seen much less eat with them(GASP). If you are one of these owners, try treating them like the valued part of your business they are and watch what happens. It doesn’t solve all your problems by any means, but you can learn a lot breaking bread with people. And like Jiro says “in order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food?”

Towards the end of year 3, a strange thing happened: opportunities were coming to us, we weren’t having to look for them. Four separate building owners approached us about taking over their buildings. This was an absolute honor and the significance not lost on me. I’ve been running businesses for over 20 years and have learned quite a few lessons that came with scars. One of them is “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”. I have to repeat this mantra over and over to keep from making mistakes by biting off more than we can chew.

Lastly, the biggest honor bestowed to-date – bigger than being in magazines or reaching the top of any chart, came in an email from the CEO of the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. It seems they were looking for a couple of up-and-coming pizzeria owners to come and do a demo, teaching other pizzeria owners, on-stage.  If you’ve been following us since the beginning, you’ll remember the photo of me being on-stage, critiqued as an attendee.  In March 2018, after only three years, I will complete the circle from being an attendee to taking the stage to teach. #standup #taketheshot

Stay tuned in 2018! More big things up our sleeve.