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Antonio’s Real NY Pizza named BEST IN COLORADO by Washington Post

Washington Post names Antonio’s Real New York Pizza the top New York Style Pizzeria in the STATE OF COLORADO! 2023 

Top New York Style Pizza in all of Colorado for 2023!

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Competing in Parma Italy

Competing in Italy!

Among the Americans in the competition, I scored 3rd. In the entire competition, I was 37th. Given that I was missing two toppings, it was an overwhelming success. If they let me do it again an hour later, I believe top 10 was possible for mistakes were made..

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July 5th 2022 – Changing of the guard

On January 6th, 2022, one year after the capital of our country was attacked by its own people, Antonio’s suffered a similarly near-fatal blow through the culmination of a well-thought-out exodus that started long before d-day. In hindsight, at some time in year 4, a fifth column developed, headed by the couple I trusted to run the place in my absence.

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Right in the midst of the pandemic, early in 2021, a phone call came in from the one and only Tony Gemignani. He asked if I wanted to be part of the World Pizza Champions team and explained that the character I had displayed over the years was what the team was all about.

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December 20, 2020 – Year 6 – CoronaVirus

November 6th 2020 marked 6 full years in business. At that moment, there was really nothing to celebrate because an employee brought COVID to the safest-run business on the planet! We hadn’t had a single person in the store to dine-in since March 16th 2020 and an employee brought it through the back door.

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New Triple Deck PizzaMaster Oven is IN!

PizzaMaster 943 Installation & Bakers Pride Y602-BL Removal

One of the most exciting events for a restaurant owner is adding a piece of equipment that makes you more efficient, makes a better product or increases output. This PizzaMaster Oven does all 3! I first spied this oven in 2015 at the Pizza Expo when we just opened and didn’t know our ass from our proverbial elbows.

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Year 3: Harnessing Growth & Opening Location 2.

During the early months of 2017, we experienced growth that looked unsustainable because it was the low season. Turns out it was foreshadowing of the season to come. What were we going to do if it continued? We need a bigger boat and more staff and and and… But first,

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Dream, Innovate, Execute, Repeat!


Perseverance and fortitude are found by the truckload in people who are very successful! I’d like to share a few of my experiences to normalize what many idea-filled people experience. This picture is of my great grandfather his sons. Great Grandpa Francesco came to America fleeing starvation and seeking opportunity just as those with ideas look to create opportunities for themselves and others.

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Pizza as a Science

Gone are the days of stereotypical guidos making pizza in white t-shirts. When companies like Chipotle start backing pizzerias, there is far more thought and science going into the processes than you would believe. Having only been in the game a short time, I have quickly learned that just about any heat source will cook a pizza,

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Year 2: Innovation & Growth


“What a great problem to have!”
This was said to me many times in the face of lines out the door, lines before we opened complete with a full parking lot and 30 orders on the board at dinner. On this side of the counter,

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Protected: bogus reviews

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Our 1st anniversary!

365 DAYS UNDER OUR BELTS! Well, it was back in November, 2015 actually, but time has flown. Yes, we made it one full year and are standing proud given the atmosphere, workplace environment, growth and success that our diligence, perseverance and hard work has fostered! How does one go from nothing to something in one year?

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The first 9 Months

Notches on our belt and wounds to heal

How can a business go from just existing to actually thriving? Teamwork, dedication, and of course good food are some main components. Nine months is just enough time in Estes Park to either prove that you can stand tall and handle the crowds,

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5 Month checkup! Reflections on the first 150 days.

And we’re off!

What a run! There are days I have to stop and sit a minute just to reflect and felt it was worth writing down the thoughts. The main areas of reflection are customer satisfaction, our progress and musings pertaining to what we’ve learned.

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Tell me about this New York Pizza… in Estes Park, Colorado.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding our Estes Park Pizza restaurant with a few tongue-in-cheek answers:

  • Is this really a New York Pizza? Unequivocally. Chicago pizza uses certain ingredients, NY pizza uses different ingredients,

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” said a wise person once upon a time. This fact is absolutely true. Along with the risk comes the learning curve. A wood burning oven has a pretty steep curve and has taken some real trial-and-error to produce great pizza. I spent an entire 24 hours early on just rearranging the wood to see the effect on the floor and cooking times.

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Growing pains

The year is about to end and we got a very late start. The toughest time to start a business in Estes Park is winter and of course, that’s exactly what we did. What have we learned?

1- Estes Park has some of the realest people of any town I have ever been in long enough to really get to know people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: I have found that the same questions are asked all the time have included them below.

The frequent questions are:

1- Are you really from New York? Yes, Born, Raised, Trained and Educated.

2- How long have you been here? 15 years.

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Open For Business!

Well, what has always been a dream is now a reality! We were cleared to open back in mid-November but took our time getting the word out. There are so many facets when opening a new restaurant – especially in a remote location like Estes Park, CO – that one must really get their proverbial ducks in order before setting out the shingle.

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