Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: I have found that the same questions are asked all the time have included them below.

The frequent questions are:

1- Are you really from New York? Yes, Born, Raised, Trained and Educated.

2- How long have you been here? 15 years.

3- Why did you move here? Because I love the mountains, wildlife and wanted to live somewhere our kids could afford to live. Anyone from Downstate NY understands what $12,000 a year in taxes feels like and many know even more. Yes, $12,000. A year. Increasing forever.

4- IT’S NOT THE WATAAAAA! What makes a NY pizza a NY pizza? The dough formula, the unique sauce and the cheese blend. It has crust, some oil on top and is very unique in taste. Don’t believe me? Bring in any pie and we’ll do a side-by-side taste comparison.

5- Do you make your own dough? Yes, every day. It’s my formula and has evolved to fit the altitude and lack of humidity.

6- Do you make your own sauce? Yes, every day. Sauce is what makes the pie and I’m a fan of a spicy sauce. It wasn’t always that way, so I’ve had to tone it down a bit.

9- Do you have gluten free pizza? No.

9- What is your smallest pizza? 10″ which is the large in most places. Our large is 18″ Our largest is 36″

10- What is a Sicilian Pizza? It’s a rectangle or square that is first risen in a pan, then finished in the oven. It’s thicker than most but not Chicago deep-dish-thick. It’s a specialty that has more sauce and more dough than any of our other pies.

11- Were you crazy opening up in November 2014? Yes.

12- Do you have a website? Yes,

13- Can we order online? Yes, at

14- What’s your favorite topping? Meatball.

15- Jets or Giants? Jets.

16- Mets or Yankees? Yankees. Forever. Thurman Munson was my favorite player. When he died in that plane crash, I was devastated. He was my idol.

17- Soccer team? Colorado Rapids!