Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” said a wise person once upon a time. This fact is absolutely true. Along with the risk comes the learning curve. A wood burning oven has a pretty steep curve and has taken some real trial-and-error to produce great pizza. I spent an entire 24 hours early on just rearranging the wood to see the effect on the floor and cooking times. Moving a pizza too early destroys it, waiting too long burns it and at 800 degrees plus, you cannot take your eye off it long. Thank you to all who have given us the opportunity to serve delicious pizza. To those we have failed by burning a pie or worse, popping a hole in it – which happens to the best of us in such a beast of an oven – we apologize. It will improve continually and thankfully, we can make another one.

One of the things I will never get used to is the venom of people who have had something as simple as too much water on their pizza from the 6 different veggies ordered cooking off in near 1000 degree heat, or those who come in with statements/questions like “the last owners failed, what makes you think you will succeed?” or “this isn’t NY, it’s Estes Park” and you can just feel the negativity. To those folks, I’d say don’t change from your favorite spot in town as your barbs will not be well received. Anyone who stands up and takes the risk business owners do is of a good cloth for it takes serious fortitude to bring a new taste to town. If you don’t like something, speak up right there rather than take shots at us on some social media platform and if you see me in the shop, let’s chat face-to-face. We’re human too and doing the absolute best we are able. Since we’ve only been open a month, all of the processes are not in place yet to make everything seamless. Make no mistake, they will be.

Food is supposed to be enjoyed and fulfilling. That’s what we’re here for- to make you smile when you take that first bite and realize that it’s so different from what you’re used to that you’re taken aback.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of our employees who are evolving with us and to the regulars who have been back time and time again. Our sole goal is to bring you authentic tastes you will find few places outside of New York City or Long Island.

One comment on “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  1. Dave says:

    We tried the other nite. Awesome. Coming back again two days later it was so good, remember the tourist bus is gravy take care of the locals they will take care of you, great pizza will always keep you going.