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We currently have two electric pizza ovens: a triple-deck  “Pizzamaster 943” and a “Pizzamaster 932”. The larger oven can hold 24 of our large 18″ pizzas. The cook time is about 6-7 minutes for a thin crust and about 12-14 minutes for a Sicilian, thick-crust, pan pizza. Under ideal circumstances – with a dedicated oven person – we can produce over 120 18″ pizzas per hour. The fact is, we exceed this regularly during our busiest periods because not every pizza is large. We make many 10″ and 14″ pies.

The smaller oven, a Pizzamaster 932, can hold another 12 large, 18″ pizzas.

This gives us more capacity than most pizzerias in the United States. Both ovens were custom made in Sweden by Pizzamaster. Prior to the electric ovens, we followed the lead of most pizzerias in the country and purchased a double deck Bakers Pride, the venerable Y602. It could only hold 6 large pies per deck and suffered from the limitations of its gas burners. Every oven has a limit as do most physical things. When your pizzeria makes more pizza than the oven can handle, you often find excessive wait times and too much variation in the finished product. Our ovens solved this problem. During the summer, we are able to keep between 15 and 25 minute wait times at peak volume. These ovens require more power than that box on the side of your house- literally. The larger ovens have a 100 amp breaker per deck! The small one uses commercial 3 phase power and it cost us $24,000 to add 3-phase power to the building. Do I regret it? Not a chance. The only thing I regret is not pulling out my wallet sooner. This is for the pizzeria owner who is considering upgrading: DO IT NOW!