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We currently have two ovens- a wood burning oven and a triple-deck pizza oven which was custom made in Sweden by Pizzamaster. A wood burning pizza oven is often called wood-fired. All this means is that the source of heat is wood. In our oven, we burn select hardwoods, including: elm, honey locust, walnut and ash. Each has a relatively high output and our coals are often in the 1300-degree range.  Batman couldn’t cook a pizza in a 1300 degree oven and neither can we. The floor hovers in the 550-800 degree range and we’ll often get it above 800 when high volume is expected. Your average oven cannot do this. What we have learned is that everything matters- wood, time without a pizza on the floor, ceiling temp, differential between back and front, approach with a peel, how many toppings, etc. It’s no wonder that in Italy, a true pizzaiolo waits three years before being able to touch the oven. You have to love that kind of dedication. I have been obsessed with learning how to best utilize such an amazing tool and three years later love it for the complexity it brings. No easy feat regardless of how much you learn, read or are told. That said, we are turning out some spectacular pizzas with the catastrophes being picture worthy.

1973438_629485720490350_1592380438880858031_o (1)
8″ New York Pie, half meatball, half pepperoni being fired

Wood Fired Pizza
18″ half pepperoni being fired in front of 1300 degrees



A work of art, this oven is!

wood burning oven

Our second oven is a PizzaMaster 943 which is the Lamborghini of pizza ovens. It offers us the controls that a gas oven could not have with temperatures that you only find in a wood or coal burning oven. We just installed it on March 15th, 2018 and are learning how to harness so much power. This is our 4th deck oven in 3 year- each more powerful than the last.






Below, you will see a calzone that is nearly 3 feet wide. Ever seen one like it? Me neither.


To give you some perspective on the size of our brick oven oven, that’s Antonio putting an 18″ large pie in.

1519422_643895115716077_7098628604141946510_o (1)
elow is a Sicilian white pie with fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese, black olives, bell peppers and plenty of garlic.


Sicilian Pie