The Mega Don! A 26″ pizza that weighs in @ 5-6 lbs!

One day, back in 2016, the idea of a ridiculous pizza – say 6-12 pounds began dancing around in my head. So, we bought a huge 26″ wooden peel and began to experiment with different thicknesses of crust. If one dough was great, how about two or four? Well, this is how the phenomenon began. In our store, there are two versions of the 26″ diameter pizza: the thin-crust MEGA DON and the thick-crust, Hell’s Kitchen pizza. The Mega Don starts as a cheese pie that you may add toppings to. At Antonio’s we’d love it if everyone ate cheese pizza instead of many toppings because then you would be able to experience the difference homemade dough and sauce make. Less is more at Antonio’s, well with regard to toppings anyway.. Here are some examples:

Ladies enjoying the Mega Don pizza!


Tony with a Mega Don in a 28″ box..

Hawaiian Mega Don!

Antonio smiling at the Mega Don!

Half Pepperoni Mega Don!

Black Forest Ham, olives and garlic Mega Don!